This page is where you can know more about my places. You can even find secrets!

New Island wars

This is my second version of island wars! The game includes boats jet skis secret weapons and more. The turrets can only go up and down, but if somethings hit it does quite a lot of damage.

Friends hangout place

I am trying to find out a way to fix the spawns that glitch after a while of respawns. However, this place is especially mad for if my internet is slow. Thats why it’s so simple and still fun! there are cars and planes too! There is also a cute and playful wombat that is originally made from Piedude99. This place is also used when i get very bored.

War Tycoon

I am currently trying to work on it. I am reviewing the tycoon tutorial that roblox setup. It will soon be cool unless if I give up.

Other places:

I am still gathering ideas to make more places! Enjoy the other places!

And yes…..UTDs base

UTD (United Troopers Division) is a group owned by me! If possible, get more members to join! The population is low but the base is epic! It has planes and a few transports!


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