I’m not gonna tell you where my real house is. However, my fake house on roblox is
Yes, It is one of my best stuctured I have ever made. I have learnt some new ways of building in roblox from making this house like.. group c-framing and more. The house was first made before I knew roblox existed. The one I made online is not 100% the same as from waht I have drawn. The two top rooms are all taken. There is one more room left.

The house was first started around 1/2 a year ago from when I started c-framing with more skill. I got bored and quit making the house. Well more like that I archived it. Then after I saw FLUDD4025’s attempt to make a house for each of his best friends, it inspired me to keep making my house.

I am always in my house. Somethimes there wil even be 2 copies of me! Sadly, yes, there are free models used. Soon I will replace the models that look dull. LIke the sink and mabey the toilet.

I find my house very good to live in. There will just be abit of an insulation problem due to the thin roof.
I will get pictures of it soon.


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