From this day on im gonna post the diary entries as a post.

I am a robloxian. I like to help others and make friends. But I want to know how to script( Pliz teach me if you know how). Although I dont have builders club I still like to play roblox. The only way to donate me is probably coming to my place.If you need help look up in the blog. If you can not find it just ask builderman.

I am working on scripting. So far, my best scripts are to regen (both ways*)

I may sometimes get annoying, but tell before you report and give the person a chance. I am sometimes cheap with points. (rolling with my skate on a money giver teleport**)

My building skill has gone better than when i just started. I use less free models! and make better games! Hope you like my games. If you like them please favourite them. It helps a lot!

*there are two types of regenerating. One is when you regen it, the item reappears respawns and the old driver loses the car. The other type is when you regen a car or plane, it makes a copy of the plane for you.

**If you know this…yes its cheap. To do the cheat you need a skate board. First you ride on your skate board. Then you roll on a tele money giver. You wont get teleported because your on a skate! And you will get an amount of money everytime you roll over!


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